Alinker is a Canadian company founded by a Dutch designer, Barbara Alink.

Following a comment made by her mother regarding a deep aversion to using a rollator, Barbara set about a process of designing an alternative solution; one that maintained the dignity and emotional wellness of the rider, as well as supporting their physical needs.

Barbara subsequently created the amazing Alinker walking bike. The design allows the saddle to effectively carry the rider’s weight, leaving the legs free to move with a high degree of freedom to propel the bike, both forwards and backwards. The upright design allows the rider to maintain near-full height, so when interacting with other people, the rider is doing so at the same eye level.

The bike can be propelled with the minimum of effort with one or both legs, making it an alternative to a wheelchair for amputees and riders with a degree of mobility in one leg. It is also increasingly being used by people without disabilities for low-impact exercise to maintain or build muscle condition and thus defer the onset of reduced mobility.

In our opinion, the Alinker is one of the single biggest design innovations in personal mobility.

Pyxis was selected by Alinker as the exclusive UK distributor and retailer of the Alinker walking bike

Key innovations:

  • ground-breaking concept,
  • rider is at eye level with able-bodied people,
  • reduces weight-bearing while promoting activity and exercise,
  • can be used by the able-bodied to delay the onset of reduced mobility,
  • very cool design.

Use for:

Indoor and outdoor


Country tracks

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