Alinker walking bike

The Alinker is a non-motorised walking-bike without pedals and is for everyone who wants to maintain an active life regardless of their movement abilities/disabilities.

  • Allows low impact, strength-building exercise
  • Go longer distances with less fatigue
  • Walk at eye-level with companions
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Provides greater sense of freedom to live an active and social life


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Alinker walking bike
Yellow Alinker walking bike
Alinker walking bike folded with saddle and wheels removed, resting by the side of the frame
Alinker walking bike
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  • warranty
  • The Alinker is a three-wheeled walking-bike designed to help people stay active, do what they love, and live life to the fullest.

    • move at eye level with standing companions
    • have your weight supported by the seat, with no stress on the lower body
    • the sturdy frame and handlebars give you support and stability
    • move independently and at your own speed
    • travel is easy as the frame folds up and fits into a car boot

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  • The Alinker has been designed to be the best without compromise on quality or performance. Built to last it’s made with the best materials, by the best people and gives you more bike for your buck!

    Designed for transport:

    • Quick-release front wheels
    • Unique stand keeps the bike steady when folded
    • Quick-release saddle
    • Single hinge folds the bike down
    • Fits in the boot of most cars

    Designed for the user:

    • Custom-designed wheels and frame to support up to 120kg of user weight (much more than your average bike frame)
    • Parking brake
    • Fits any type of saddle
    • Fully adjustable handlebars and saddle
    • Easy mount and dismount, walk on to the seat from behind with no need to lift your leg, the parking brake keeps the bike still

    Product weight:

    • Total weight - 12kg
    • Frame weight (without wheels and seat) - 10kg

    Product dimensions:

    • SMALL - 1150mm(L) x 720mm(W)
    • MEDIUM - 1240mm(L) x 720mm(W)


  • Delivery

    UK delivery costs £25 and is straight to your door within 3-5 working days when in stock. For further delivery information, see below.


    The best way for you to know if the Alinker is right for you is to use it. With our generous returns policy, you can buy an Alinker and spend 30 days getting to know it, risk free. If it’s not right for you, just send it back to us in the same box it arrived in and we'll refund your money; no questions asked!

  • Assembling your Alinker at home is straightforward. All you'll need to do is spend a few minutes unpacking your Alinker, using the included tools to attach the handlebar, the wheels, and adjust the saddle to your preferred height.

    You can also refer to the Alinker How-To Videos for more support in assembling your Alinker.

  • We offer a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on the frame and original Alinker components.

    See our Warranty page for more details.

Alinker walking bike
Yellow Alinker walking bike
Alinker walking bike folded with saddle and wheels removed, resting by the side of the frame
Alinker walking bike

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The Alinker comes in three frame sizes so far. The inseam is the most important measurement to determine which Alinker suits you best. Each Alinker has an adjustable seat height, giving you a range. First you need to measure your inseam. NOTE: the inseam for the Alinker is to the ground, not the seam of your trousers! (Please refer to the sizing guide for instructions on how to measure).

You need a Small when your inseam measures between 27 and 30.5 inches or 68 and 77.5 cm.

You need a Medium when your inseam measures between 30.5 and 34.5 inches or 77.5 and 87 cm.

You need a Large: when your inseam measures between 34.5 and 39 inches or 87 and 99 cm.

Note that if you are in between sizes, please select the smaller frame size. These measurements are based on a saddle pen with suspension which comes standard on the Alinker. A fixed saddle pen can be fitted, whereby the saddle height will come down by around 1.5 inches or 4 cm.

inseam measuring guide