Carbon Black

CarbonBlack II 

The CarbonBlack II is coming to the UK in August 2018!  Please call us on 0131 225 6365 for more information and to pre-order.

Carbon Black is a Scottish company that has pioneered the use of carbon fibre to revolutionise wheelchair design. The vision behind the product was to use good design and new material to create a chair that was minimal, lightweight and very stylish.

The original Carbon Black chair was released in 2010 to widespread acclaim and was immediately dubbed the Ferrari of wheelchairs!

The strength of carbon fibre meant that the chair was much less bulky than a tubular aluminium chair, with a very minimal silhouette, meaning that the focus was directed to the person and not the chair. Carbon fibre also offered a much better ability to adsorb shocks over lumps and bumps, which made for a smoother ride as well as offering much greater energy efficiency for the rider.

The downside (if there was one) was that each chair was effectively tailored for each rider through the moulding process. This bespoking meant it was expensive, and difficult to access.

The team went back to the drawing board, and in 2018 is launching the CarbonBlack II. The mark II is based on the same fantastic design but allows for much greater degree of adjustment. It is also available in different sizes, which together makes it more immediately accommodating to a range of rider sizes and needs. And, best of all, it comes in at around half the price of the original model!

Pyxis is the exclusive reseller for Carbon Black in Scotland and northern England.

Key innovations:

  • carbon fibre construction,
  • dry bearing wheel hubs meaning no need for oil anywhere,
  • high performance disc brakes,
  • range of accessories,
  • eye-wateringly beautiful design.

Use for:

Indoor and outdoor


Country tracks