eFOLDi was invented by Chinese entrepreneur Sumi Wang, albeit the brainchild of her elderly father Jianmin Wang. After breaking his leg, he sketched a design for a lightweight, folding electric scooter which would give him freedom, pride and enable him to continue to have fun!

Sumi then set about making this a reality. The result was the eFoldi scooter, which went on to win the prestigious title of British Invention of the year and a personal endorsement from veteran entrepreneur Richard Branson.

The eFOLDi is the original and (we believe) best folding mobility scooter available on the market. However, Sumi and her team and constantly working to improve the design even further.

Pyxis is an authorised reseller for eFOLDI in Scotland.  We are also one of the first UK retailers selected to offer the new eFOLDi Mk 1.5, coming in July 2018.

Key innovations:

  • cool light weight appeal of an urban transporter and durability and range of a mobility vehicle,
  • dual purpose design of scooter and chair,
  • folded ‘suitcase’ design,
  • USB charging port.

Use for:

Indoor and outdoor

Country tracks


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