Personal Electric Vehicles

Personal electric vehicles (or PEVs) are emerging as an exciting new category in mobility assistance. They are, in effect, an extension of both motorised wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Motorized wheelchairs (also known as power chairs) are typically used by people that are physically unable to propel themselves in a manual chair. There is a vast array of different powered wheelchairs available on the market that cater for a range of disabilities that determine how the chair is controlled by the rider.

Mobility scooters share many of the same features and technologies as motorised wheelchairs but are typically used by people with reduced and limited mobility rather than those that might consider themselves to be disabled. Scooters tend to be small 3-wheeled, or larger 4-wheeled, vehicles that are controlled by a handle-bar like steering column.

Powerchairs and scooters are regulated by the UK Department for Transport. Products falling under Class 2 are restricted to a maximum speed of 4mph. Class 3 products must be registered with DVLA and require road tax.

At Pyxis, we have partnered with Trekinetic to bring you what we believe to be one of the most innovative PEVs available in the UK.

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