Trekinetic manual wheelchair being used on a snowy road

Trekinetic has its roots in the motorsport and F1 industry, manufacturing highly specialised components for many high-performance road and track vehicles.

In 2000, the UK company turned its attention to wheelchairs, having recognised a lack of innovation over the 50 years since the introduction of the now commonplace metal tube chassis design. Six years later it unveiled the 3-wheel manually propelled K-2, a wheelchair designed to go anywhere. It was followed shortly afterwards by a city-derivative, the GT-3, which was dubbed one of the most beautiful wheelchairs ever designed.

In 2010, Trekinetic added a power chair to the range, the GTE; the first off-road and everyday compact and lightweight power chair that could fit into the back of most vehicles.

A mark II version of the K-2, GE-3 and GTE were launched in 2018, with a number of design upgrades focused on maintaining Trekientic’s position as a market leader.

Pyxis is the exclusive reseller of Trekinetic all-terrain wheelchairs in Scotland.  

Key innovations:

  • in-hub electric motors for better weight distribution and handling when transforming,
  • carbon fibre monocoque seat design, which removes the need for a traditional chassis,
  • front wheel propulsion, offering greater efficient and the rear wheel bias system providing stability,
  • award winning variocam system, allowing for stability at speed and manoeuvrability in tight spaces,
  • dynamic braking systems allowing for independent front and rear wheel braking.

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