Trionic is a Swedish manufacturer of innovative walking mobility aids. The company focuses on exceptional design to promote health, mental well-being, enjoyment of the outdoors and enable access to new experiences and achievements.

The company specialises in the manufacture of rugged, go-anywhere walking aids, with a range of creative ‘fabrics’ that can transform the flexible frame design from city-going walker to hiking aid to golf or shooting buddy. Attention has been made to reducing the impact and stress caused on your ankles, knees, hips and back when walking.

Trionic offers 2 basic designs, the Rollator Walker; a very stable 4-wheel design for indoor and outdoor use, and the highly innovative Veloped; a 3-wheeled design offering support and safety when exercising outdoors.

Pyxis is an official reseller of the Trionic Veloped and Walker Rollator in Scotland.  

Key innovations:

  • rugged frame designs that enhance stability and reduce bodily impact stress
  • interchangeable wheels and fabrics that result in multi-use functionality,
  • light and compact design for easy storage and transportation,
  • wide range of accessories and spares available,

Use for:


Indoor and outdoor



Products available from this manufacturer: