Walking Bikes

The walking bike is a new concept within mobility assistance, and it promises to eradicate the stigma associated with reduced and limited mobility. The design focuses on maintaining the dignity and emotional wellness of the rider, as well as supporting their physical needs.

As its name suggests, the walking bike is just that. In fact, it is a tricycle, which provides enhanced stability and safety. The idea is that the saddle takes the weight of the rider, leaving the legs free to propel the bike, which enables the rider to exercise with low bodily impact. It also maintains the rider’s up-right positioning allowing them to interact with able-bodied people at the same eye level.

Alinker is the only manufacturer of a walking bike specifically designed for the mobility sector.  

Curtesy of Pyxis, the Alinker is now available in the UK, where we are excited by the prospect of changing countless lives here!

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