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As every chair is custom made, please call us on
07464 48529
for all orders and enquiries.


Delivery in 3-5 working days of our receiving your chair from the factory, with a current production lead time of around 8-10 weeks on new orders, reducing to 6-8 weeks in early 2019.

CarbonBlack 2
CarbonBlack 2
CarbonBlack 2
CarbonBlack 2
CarbonBlack 2
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  • The Carbon Black II is one of the most eye-catching innovations in wheelchair design for 50 years. Based on the fantastic original design, the new chair offers greater flexibility at a vastly reduced price.

    It comes with 26-inch carbon wheels and scissor brakes and the CB II backrest, with a standard matt black finish and blue tyre flashes. The chair is constructed in carbon fibre and aluminium, resulting in a total weight of just 6kg and a natural ability to absorb shocks while rolling.

    The new chair offers great back support and simple height adjustment without the need for tools. The centre of gravity point is adjustable, and the footrest is designed for the most natural resting position, increasing comfort yet further.

    The wheels detach via quick-release hubs, making the chair very simple to manoeuvre in and out of a vehicle, and the incredible light-weight frame means that it can be lifted very easily by most people.  Each chair is custom-assembled for each user, with variable seat width, depth and leg lengths available (refer to the Tech Info tab).

    As an optional extra, we can provide a custom paint finish as well as a variable tyre and logo colour – just about anything you can think of can be accommodated to make your CBII as individual as you!  If you don’t fit the available dimensions, we can always organise a truly custom-built chair for you.

  • Options

    Optional accessories include LED lights, clothes guards, Tarta Black edition backrest, anti-tip device, handles, under seat pouches, gloss finish, custom paint finish, variable tyre and logo colours.

    These additional options are not yet available to order online, so please call us on 07464 348529 for more information and pricing.

    LED Lights (2 x front and 2 x rear) - £20
    Clothes Guards (pair) – £199
    Tarta Black Edition Upgrade – £650
    Anti Tip Device – £39
    Push Handles – £250
    Under Seat Pouches (LH or RH) - £89
    Custom Paint Finish (incl. gloss or matt lacquer) – £299 (factory) £575 (after delivery)
    Custom Tyre and Logo colours – POA

    All prices above are ex-VAT.

  • Technical & Sizing

    Seat Width – 15, 16, 17, 18 inches.
    Seat Depth – 15” to 18” 
    Front Ride Height – 17” to 21”
    Rear Seat Drop – up to 2.5” 
    Leg Length – 13” to 17” 
    Centre of Gravity – 0 to +5 (adjustable) 
    Castor Size – 4” 
    Max User Weight – 125kg (19st 9lbs)

    The best way to ensure you get the correct seat size is by measuring the width and length of the seat cushion of your existing chair. Otherwise, please measure across your hips for the width, and let us know the measurement from the seat stem to the front of your existing chair to get the required depth.

    If you know the leg length of your current chair, please provide that. Otherwise please measure from the back of your knee to the sole of your foot.

    Other user dimensions can be accommodated by means of a custom-build order. Please call us on 0131 225 6365 for further details.

  • Delivery

    The first run of Carbon Black II chairs is now underway and expected to arrive in mid-December. There are still spaces on the next run of chairs, which we should see in the first few weeks of 2019. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

    We will deliver your CB II to you at home, usually within 3-5 working days of us receiving it from the manufacturer.

    Assembling your CB II at home is straightforward. Assembly requires attaching the wheels and backrest, plus any accessories, all without any need for tools.


    We offer a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on the carbon fibre monocoque and 12 months on all other parts. Refer to our Warranty page for more details.

CarbonBlack 2
CarbonBlack 2
CarbonBlack 2
CarbonBlack 2
CarbonBlack 2

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